Gilbert Adrian, 1929 by Ruth Harriet Louise  (M.G.M.)
August 13 - 15,2009 - "Ahoy Hollywood" - Doll convention at The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA featuring the presentation by Tonner Dolls of the Joan Crawford Doll.

September 25-26, 2009
- Costume Society of America, Western Regional Division meeting, Sacramento, CA. Richard Adkins will present
"The Unknown Adrian," on Adrian's pre-M.G.M. years, 1921 - 1928

Spring, 2010 - "Name Value - Adrian's Saint and Sinner Perfumes" article in the Perfume Bottle Collector's Quarterly, written by Richard Adk

November 2010 - "Eva Von Berne - Lost and Found" article, "Classic Images" magazine, written by Richard Adkins. Article on Irving Thalberg and Norma Shearer's Viennese protege, star of Adrian's first contract M.G.M. film, "Masks of the Devil" in 1928. Reported in the American press as dead, it seems that may not be true...  

2011 - (Date TBA) "All Heaven's Stars,"  -
Hollywood Heritage Museum. Adrian at
M.G.M. 1928-1941. A further examination of Adrian's work,
a follow-up to the March 2009 presentation on Adrian
at the DeMille Studio.