Crew shooting "Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity" surprises the star with a 75th anniversary sweet!


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           75 YEARS AS AN ACTRESS

1934 - MH was a John Roberts Powers model
1935 - She started at Paramount as lead actress
1936 - Marsha one of several Hollywood stars at President Roosevelt’s 1937
March of Dimes Birthday Ball
1938 - First radio performance "Alice Adams" with Claudette Colbert
           and Fred MacMurray
1939 - Screened tested for “Melanie” in “Gone With The Wind”
1943 - Six month USO tour of the Artic & Canada
           She worked at the “Hollywood Canteen”, dancing with and signing autographs for
           soldiers As member of the “Hollywood Victory Committee”, visited recuperating
          soldiers and participated in war bond rallies.

         She sang in six feature films. Made 64 films from 1935-2008.

1945 - Takes board member position on the Screen Actors Guild Board
1948 - First of six Broadway plays, “Joy To The World”
1949 - Plays lead in first live televised Shakespeare play, Viola in "Twelfth Night"
1950 - Cover story "Life" magazine during play, “The Devil’s Disciple”
           Marsha participates in first of eight United Cerebral Palsy telethons
1953 - Hosts, with Ralph Edwards and Jack Webb, 36 hour telethon
1957 - Plays female lead opposite a young Johnny Carson in “The Tunnel Of Love”
          Starts an acting program for San Fernando Valley teens, now the longest running
          acting teen program on a college campus
1958 - She makes her sitcom debut “Peck’s Bad Girl” with child actress
          Patty McCormack    
         She is one of the first 250 “stars” on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

1960 - As member of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization board of Marsha helps
          organize walkathon for “Freedom From Hunger” campaign, in Fargo, North Dakota 1971 - Dalton Trumbo asks her to appear in “Johnny Got His Gun”
1983 - Opens the first homeless shelter for women and children, the first homeless
          shelter in the San Fernando Valley
1993 - Marsha writes “The Way We Wore: Styles of the 1930’s and 1940’s and
          Our World  Since Then”
2004 - Doll designer Mel Odom creates a successful doll in Marsha’s image, wearing an
          Irene-designed lace dress from 1943 film, “The Human Comedy”
2006 - Marsha produces a CD, “Tony London: Songs from The Heart” featuring
          bandleader Page Cavanaugh, writes two songs on the CD
2008 - Marsha is the featured lead in “The Grand Inquisitor,”
         a “film noir” short playing in festivals across the country