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My Illustration/Graphics work has taken many forms and I have worked on various kinds of projects. The GEX folder at left is indicative of the variety. Done for a client whose imported engine rebuilding business could not guarantee a steady supply of product, his needs were to have a catalog-like kit where cut pages could change frequently without necessitating reprinting. I revised a static logo and creating visual blocks which could change as needed on the cover and a dual pocket presskit that allowed the insertion of new product sheets as needed. The kit increased both recognition of the company and sales. I went on to develop their print ads, trade show booth and packaging. Airbrush is the medium with logotype having been designed with computer assistance ahead of time.

This pencil/airbrush illustration is the cover of a two-part Employment Compensation Manual prepared for Paramount Studios. Part one was the employment policies and guidelines laid out in type-only graphic design and part two was the employee's manual which was broken up with illustrations from Paramount films and featuring famous Paramount players from 1912 to the present. Sarah Bernhardt and John Travolta bookended the Paramount history pages with Clara Bow , Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake, Cecil B. DeMille and Jerry Lewis filling in some of the middle years!

The design of the employee manual was enhanced by reproducing the illustrations as duotones, thereby giving more strength and substance to the pencil drawings.

This illustration, done for Proctor and Gamble's T.V. production "A Place to be Loved" about the boy who "divorced" his parents, provided a challenge. The seriousness of the theme required a traditional approach while ensuring the likenesses of the actors. Rhea Perlman was a unique challenge in that everyone identified her best as Carla from "Cheers" and was not accustomed to seeing her in this more professional character role.
The artwork is again a combinatin of airbrush and colored pencil. The airbrush was used to create the wood texture of the lawyer's desk and to cover the area beneath the pencil to add enough color so that the pencil, when reproduced, does not appear pale.

My other projects have included work for Fox Studio, Casio Electronics, and Playboy Entertainment. My staff work has included positions at KNBC-TV, NBC-TV and KABC-TV. I was nominated for four Emmys for my work at KABC and have been the recipient of awards from the Society of Illustrators and the Broadcast Design Association.

The Illustration of Gloria Swanson on my homepage was featured in the Society of Illustrators Show and Annual of 1995.

All images by Richard Adkins are copyright, 1997, Richard Adkins.

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